Raquel Baldelomar Talks One-On-One With Boutique Hotelier Ori Kafri For Luxury Travel Magazine


Recently, Raquel Baldelomar spoke with Ori Kafri, owner of the luxurious, boutique Italian hotel chain J.K. Place to learn more about his philosophy and what sets J.K. Place apart from other luxury hotels in the world today. The three J.K. Place hotels are located in Florence, Rome and Capri and are famous for their unparalleled focus on guest experience. In this Q&A, Ori Kafri shares his thoughts about his brand, the hotel industry, and his future plans.

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Building A Strong Brand Means Embedding It Into Every Part Of Your Business

Building A Strong Brand Means Embedding It Into Every Part Of Your Business

A company’s brand is the foundation of its entire marketing strategy. It’s not simply the organization’s name, color scheme and logo design. The brand should be embedded into every facet of your organization and connect back to the mission statement. Think of some of the most notable brands worldwide. Nike’s mission statement is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” The company’s view is that if you have a body then you are an athlete. This core philosophy is supported by Nike’s famous “Just Do It” tagline, which is still relevant and inspirational more than 25 years after its debut. Its brand doesn’t just target elite athletes. It targets everyone whether you are running your fifth marathon or just hit the walking trail for the first time. The company supports its brand by offering innovative products that meet every consumer’s needs. For example, the Nike+ app allows people to track their activities (including GPS maps of runs), set personal goals and receive training tips. Continue reading

Visual Marketing – The Key to ALL Forms of Health Care Marketing


Healthcare Marketing

The days of optimizing your marketing efforts strictly for Google, Yahoo and Bing are over. In today’s health care marketing environment, it’s all about visual marketing, and you better be good. According to this year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report conducted by Social Media Examiner, the future of marketing is visual, at least according to the 3,000 marketers who were surveyed for the report.
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The Future of Independent Agencies

Last week, we had the opportunity to attend the Worldwide Partner’s World Meeting Conference in Las Vegas. We had an incredible time learning from some of the greats about independent agencies, new business, and how to fit our models to the consumer and client, and how to become the best at what we do. The model for independent agencies is changing dramatically and rapidly. After listening to these experts speak, we decided to breakdown a list of the major ways in which independent agencies should develop in order to maximize their business and be successful in today’s markets and for the future.
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