Knowing Where To Buy Ad Space

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A key component to any healthcare marketing campaign is knowing where to advertise. And knowing where to advertise involves a great appreciation and comprehension of your target demographic, and their behaviors both online and off. Understanding a specific consumer market can increase ROI, decrease ad costs, and ultimately augment an engaged audience. Quaintise takes great pride on our ability to understand your target demographic, your target market, better then any other healthcare marketing firm in the Southwest.
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If Some of the Largest Hospitals in the U.S. are Using Social Media, Why Aren’t You?

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How important is social media to healthcare marketing? Ask the professionals at the University of Michigan Health System, or the Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, or the Cleveland Clinic, or a host of other large medical organizations and they’ll tell you that social media is at the root of their patient outreach. Learning from these remarkable organizations and understanding their social media methods can help you to grow your own physician social media outreach.
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Zuckerberg Gets Hacked – Protect Your Brand on Facebook with These 3 Tips

facebook marketing for physicians

Last week, a ‘white hat hacker’ took matters into his own hands and hacked into the most powerful Facebook User’s page – founder Mark Zuckerberg. In healthcare marketing, an aspect that is often overlooked but extremely important is the element of protecting your presences online. 
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How Is a Vegas Night Club Like a Physician’s Office? (Marketing Insight from the Re-Invented Strip)

I love Las Vegas. The entertainment, the freedom, the innovation in marketing at every turn. And, yes, there are a plethora of lessons to be learned from marketing Las Vegas to healthcare marketing. In a town that constantly reinvents itself, it’s easy to find marketing inspiration for any industry, including the medical industry.
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