Brand Marketing – A Return to the Handshake Promise

Understanding your brand is one thing, translating the brand into an effective message is another thing, but understanding your brand from the audience’s point of view is an entirely different conversation. User experience has been a huge topic for the past few months, with the changing face of advertising from ‘customers’ to ‘fans,’ and Google’s focus shifting from quantifiable analytics to ‘behavior metrics,’ the way a user experiences a brand is insanely important. It’s no longer about just translating a message effectively to promote product purchases; it’s about creating relationships based upon the experience that the audience associates with your brand.


Talk to any Scottsdale advertising professional and they’ll tell you that having a creative brand message with innovative advertising tactics is useless if it doesn’t serve the user’s needs or solve the user’s problem with a targeted solution.
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Advertising is NOT Dead

Advertising is Dead, and So Is the Customer was the headline on CNN Business this week. The headline didn’t get a lot of attention because we’ve all heard that line before. Advertising is dead, print marketing is dead, radio is dead; they’re all considered dinosaurs in the age of ‘real-time’ marketing and brand campaigns. The customer connection is no longer associated with one-dimensional, ‘traditional’ advertising but with engagement and interactions. So what’s next? What’s the future of advertising if traditional media is dead?


Integrated Advertising Revisited

Any Scottsdale advertising firm will tell you that traditional advertising is not dead, it’s just used in a different way. Everything must evolve, and advertising methods are no exception. Though the same so-called ‘dinosaur’ platforms such as print and radio are still being used, they are being used in a far more creative and integrated way.

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Integrated Advertising, Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

“We can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle, and wishing it would all slow down is also not a viable strategy, so how do we compete against a seemingly infinite universe of competitors?” – Don Meek, EVP/Tribune Digital at Tribune Company


Integrating your brand through every medium that you chose to utilize for advertising is the answer to this question, and at Quaintise we are experts at integrated advertising here in Arizona. Integrated advertising, also called integrated marketing, is the idea that your brand message and theme must transcend into every aspect of your campaign, from your website and social media efforts, to your promotional materials, signage, even employee attire. All aspects of your integrated marketing campaign must be seamless and symmetrical.


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Real-Time Brand Monitoring for PR

When it comes to monitoring your brand, there’s a lot to take in. From social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to blogs, news publications, video sites and comment forums, monitoring your brand can be incredibly overwhelming. While a Phoenix public relations firm can take care of brand monitoring for you, it’s best to know what they’ll be looking out for and how you can help.


PR and Brand Monitoring

A PR professional, as one time not too long ago, was responsible for your brand image. This huge responsibility was maintained through the relationships that PR professionals have with news outlets, business leaders and other brands. If there was a disruption to the public image of a brand, the PR pro would swoop in, make some phone calls, shoot out some press releases, and fix the miscommunication, repairing the brand. While that is still a huge part of PR, repairing inaccurate perspectives regarding your business brand reaches far greater than just TV and print.

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Is It Time To Reinvent Your Brand?

What are your business goals? This is the golden question, the one every public relations firm and advertising agency should be asking every new client. When you started your business, were you excited about the possibilities for growth, of influence, or creating something tangible? As time progresses, every business owner comes to a point in life when they second guess their business intentions. When they reach that stagnant point in business where there is no growth, but no backslide, it becomes monotonous. This is the point when you need to sit down with your marketing team and reevaluate your brand strategies, the market atmosphere, and whether things should be ‘upgraded.’


The Business Bubble

Even advertising firms reach a point where the owners sit back and wonder if their business is heading in the right direction. Are they targeting the right audience? Is their brand message still effective and accurate? Everyone, including the flower guy down the street, has these thoughts. Growing your brand is exciting; it’s full of passion and enthusiasm. And then somewhere along the way, the passion dissipates, the enthusiasm fades, and you fall into a monotonous groove.
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