Effectively Communicating Your Business Message

Effectively communicating your brand message is not so much about what looks pretty or sounds catchy, it’s about what conveys your message better than anything else. Once your brand has been established and the business message is unmistakable, the next step is to communicate that message to a targeted audience. So, how do you do that? By following these 5 simple “effective brand communicating” steps:


Step One: Seek Out Professional Help


Everything about your brand message must be unique, creative and unmistakably you. For small businesses that are on a tight budget, realizing what it takes to create an exclusive and distinctive logo or trademark phrase might be daunting, however having a strong foundation for your brand is crucial to marketing success. So, do your research and splurge on your logo and trademark phrase. If you’re cousin, nephew or uncle has a hobby of creating art in his spare time, that’s wonderful but not good enough for your brand. Take pride in your business, and hire a professional to help you build your business brand.
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Market Your Way to the Top

When you’re in the process of putting together your company’s marketing plan you’re actually mapping its path toward success. A marketing plan should not only determine the “how” of your marketing but the “why, when and where” of it. There are distinct steps to consider when formulating your plan:

  1. 1. Understand your company’s mission and vision
  2. 2. You need to have a complete understanding of the business itself. Sure, you sell widgets but, is that all you do?
  3. 3. Hone in on your market, your audience – your potential and best customer
  4. 4. Delineate the steps you need to implement to take your company from Point A to Point B to meet those marketing goals.



Do you and your marketing team thoroughly understand your company’s mission and vision statement? Are both of you working toward the same goal?


Consider this: your marketing team believes the company wants to expand to an overseas market, but the board members want to expand market share on your home turf, but to those in your demographic that you haven’t yet reached. To reach Point B, everyone must be on the same path.


You will also need to fully grasp your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Is your brand well-known and loved? Is there some negative PR being spread? Who are your competitors and what are they doing that you’re not – and vice versa. Have you realistically identified your prospects and demographic? Can you expand it? Are there any add on services you can (or do) offer that you hadn’t considered marketing more proactively?


Where and how are you targeting your marketing plan? If you’re not already online, you should be. Also, it’s not enough to simply be online, you need to market correctly. What are your company’s key words? Does your marketing team understand SEO (search engine optimization)? If you’re online but not using the correct words to get your company “found” by search engines and by potential customers, you are simply spinning your wheels.  Keep in mind, it’s not enough to use the keyword “widget” you also want to think of other words to incorporate such as: copper widgets, widgets manufactured in California, award-winning widget manufacturer, etc.


After you’ve covered the bases, now is the time to focus on the marketing objective. Never lose sight of the fact that the marketing objective is one of the goals. You will want to set milestones. Say for example you set up a Facebook Fan page – track your visitors, followers, comments. If you have a blog, incorporate analytics so you can determine who is coming to your site, how long they’re staying, what pages they are looking at, etc.


Bottom line is what counts when it comes to marketing. If you aren’t reaching potential customers and holding onto current ones, there will be no business to market. Also when looking at your bottom line, don’t forget to look into low-cost, no-cost marketing options in the social networking world – sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, building a free blog post in the event you don’t have that incorporated into your existing website. Add contacts, friends, enter chatrooms focused around your company’s focus area. Seek out relevant blogs and leave comments on them.

Brand Visibility Then and Now

In any market, a strong web presence is a necessity. Public relations managers in today’s technologically advanced environment must understand that the days of writing a single press release and calling direct to promote business is over. It’s no longer about the one-dimensional advertisement featuring a sale of the week, it’s about the brand that’s behind it all.


Brand Visibility Then


Not too long ago, a single advertisement in the local newspaper was all you needed to let your city know about your business specials. A nice sign out front was all you needed to increase visibility, and a simple website with a few pics and an address was everything you needed on the web.


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How To Select The Right Marketing & Advertising Team

Selecting the right medical marketing and advertising group can be a difficult decision. You’re putting your business, your baby, into the hands of someone else who might not understand what this business means to you. Whether you’ve grown it from the ground, or just took it over, marketing and advertising your business depends a great deal on the expertise of the marketing professionals, the trust that you have in them, and the understanding that they have of your business brand.


The Foundation

When you buy a home, everything that home is built on rests upon the foundation. If the foundation cracks, so does the walls that support the frame and everything can come tumbling down. That might sound a bit dramatic, but in reality medical marketing and business branding are no different. Your business must have a strong foundation, a strong brand image, and the medical marketing agency must completely understand what that foundation is made of.


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OB/GYN Marketing – Having an Authentic Brand Message

OB/GYN Marketing is very different than many other medical marketing disciplines, simply because the target audience is so specific and the topic can be a little bit delicate. You don’t want to overstep any subtle boundaries with your content and social media efforts, and yet you must compete in the world of medical marketing by growing your online brand. So, what do you do?


Authenticity in Brand Marketing


When it comes to the sensitive issues that OB/GYN’s and their patients face, the absolute greatest marketing strategy that you can employ is complete authenticity. A genuine conversation, blog, interview or video will do far more for your brand image than a hundred technical, informational articles. These technical, informational marketing articles are incredibly important to establish your OB/GYN practice as the most knowledgeable in Arizona, but an honest and genuine presence will increase brand trust, and thus increase referrals.


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